All prescriptions are issued only during a Doctors appointment.  This must be done every 6 months.

Repeat Prescriptions

 Patients who are on long term medications will need regular review of the appropriateness for the medication and chronic disease review.

We aim to have a minimum of such a review every six months.

At this review we will discuss your medications, your medical condition, and your general wellbeing. If needed we will also conduct blood pressure measurement, blood tests, ECG, or any other further assessment that the physician deems necessary for monitoring your health.

Once all is satisfactory the physician will issue you with a new six-month prescription for your medications.

We may need to await the results of some of these investigations, so we advise you to organise an appointment several weeks before your prescription is due.

If necessary, we can issue a short 2-week prescription pending results, but this adds additional pharmacy costs to you.

 Hospital Prescriptions.

 If you have received a prescription from a hospital or private consultant, we request that you send a copy to us to keep an up to date medical record for you.

Patients holding a full medical card can get a 7-day supply dispensed from the pharmacy using a hospital prescription. This gives you time drop a copy of the hospital prescription into the physician to get a full Medical card prescription issued for longer term medications - no need for a doctor consultation in this instance.


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