New Patients Welcome

We are currently welcoming new patients to the practice, Private , Medical Card and GP Visit card holders.

To register please Complete and submit the registration form below 

If you have several family members to register a separate form will need to be completed for each person

Your application will then be reviewed by the doctor to ensure the paperwork is complete. You will then be contacted by the doctor to clarify any outstanding information and to ensure that we can meet your needs.

At your first appointment with us we well request you sign a consent to contact your old GP to request your medical records and if applicable notify the HSE of change of doctor. A new Medical card/GP Visit card will then be sent to your home address. 

We also wish to advise new patients that we strictly follow the medical council guidelines on minimising prescribing of benzodiazepines (xanax and diazepam) and sleeping tablets. If you are on a long term prescription for these medications we will work with you towards stopping the medication.

It may take time to get accurate medical information about your condition. Until such information is available, your GP may choose not to prescribe any medication. It is our policy that GPs do not prescribe drugs of dependence until they have a full clinical picture.

Your GP may decide not to continue prescribing any medication previously prescribed for you. It may be determined that such a medication is not suitable. It is our policy that GPs do not prescribe medications if they feel that previous prescriptions are no longer appropriate.

Your GP will evaluate your condition and only prescribe an opioid of the strength necessary for you. This may be different than what another doctor may have given you in the past

If a patient registering is on sick certs we do a review of the certification and review if we feel continuation of certification is appropriate.

For Medical Card / GP Visit card holders you will only be able to attend us for medical care once the HSE has confirmed us as your new registered GP. Until this point you may still attend your old GP.

For Private patients you may start using our services once we notify you of application success.

A good Doctor Patient relationship is essential to high quality care. If for any reason the doctor does not believe we are a good match then you will be informed of this and your application will go no further. 

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